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Wallace Stegner House Residency Eligibility

Writers, visual and performing artists from around the world are invited to apply for this residency.
Writers must have had their work published; visual and performing artists had their work in a public show or gallery to qualify for residency. A committee of the Eastend Arts Council will review the applications.
Please fill out the Application Form and mail to:


Stegner House Committee
Eastend Arts Council
Box 415


Link to Application Form


Booking Contacts:

Mary Stratford Thomson: 306-295-3673

Ethel Wills: 306-295-3670


Applications received before September 30

Applications requesting a stay of three weeks or more which are received before September 30 of any given year will be given first consideration.


Applications received after September 30

will be given consideration after the earlier applications have been placed.


When you receive confirmation regarding your residency you will be required to send a deposit which will guarantee your placement.


The month of October of any given year is permanently booked for the winner of the Stegner Grant for the Arts.
Please see the Information about the Grant for further information regarding that award.