The Wallace Stegner House is situated on the banks of the Frenchman River in the picturesque town of Eastend in Southwest Saskatchewan, Canada.

Eastend is not exactly remote but it is not possible to get here by public transport. We are one hour from the TransCanada Highway. There is no bus service to Eastend. For a nominal fee we can arrange to have you met at Medicine Hat. Keep in mind that while Eastend is highly walkable, if you want to see the country, a car is the only option.

The house was built in 1917 by George Stegner.
His son, Pulitzer Prize winning author and founder of the Stanford School of Creative Writing, Wallace Stegner lived in this house from age 7 to 12.
The community and geography made an indelible impression upon him as reflected in his prose and western essays.

In 1990 the house was purchased and restored by the Eastend Arts Council.
Heritage status was granted and the Arts Council has owned and operated the house as a residence for writers and artists since then.

The Stegner House provides a quiet and attractive environment in which an artist can work.

Living in Eastend affords the resident the opportunity to explore the beauty of Southwest Saskatchewan and experience life in a rural community.

Residents are encouraged to give one afternoon or evening to a community presentation, which can be an art exhibit, a reading or a talk about their work or life.
Otherwise, every effort is made to ensure a disturbance free stay.

This house is funded entirely through the efforts of the Eastend Arts Council and every effort has been made to keep the rent low.
The rent does not cover the costs of upkeep so each year the Eastend Arts Council holds a major fundraiser - The Wallace Stegner Dinner, as well as other events throughout the year.

If you have questions please contact the Stegner House Committee Chair Ethel Wills by Phone 306-295-3670

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